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The A&O Mentoring Programme

“In my view, mentoring is a necessity in making yourself better at the job you do.”

Facts and figures

  • • A&O Mentoring Programme launched in 2014
  • • One workshop per year
  • • More than 60 mentors across the global network
  • • More than 70 active pairings
  • • A&O Advisory Service launched in 2018

The A&O Mentoring Programme

The A&O Mentoring Programme is one of the ways we support interaction and the exchange of ideas and expertise between members of the A&O community. It is open to all members of our Alumni Network, both alumni and current partners and staff.

As a participant, you can choose to mentor or be mentored by someone outside your own organisation. This allows both parties to benefit from a fresh perspective – with the added bonus of both having experience and understanding of the A&O culture.

The Alumni Network website hosts information on the programme.

Why should I have a mentor?

Mentoring offers a confidential environment in which you can discuss issues and explore solutions. Using their experience, a mentor can help you address professional challenges, offer guidance and support, suggest networking opportunities or even just be a sounding board for ideas.

You need to be prepared to invest time in the programme. It can be as little as one hour a month or as much as you can both afford and feel comfortable with, over a period of around 12 months.

Who can I approach to mentor me?

The profiles of more than 60 potential mentors are listed on the Alumni Network website; they include current A&O people and alumni with varying skills and experience. The Alumni team will approach your chosen mentor on your behalf in the first instance. If you feel they are not the right fit, we can approach someone else.

You can work together through a combination of face-to-face meetings (if possible), Skype sessions, telephone calls and emails.

How can I become a mentor?

You don’t need formal training to be a mentor: you just need to enjoy talking to people and have an interest in nurturing someone else’s potential. Full guidance and resources will be provided by the Alumni team.

What is the A&O Advisory Service?

If you’re looking for careers advice, but don’t need the relationship commitment of a mentor, the A&O Advisory Service offers you the opportunity to have a one-off call or meeting with one of our panellists.

View the profiles of our panellists on the Alumni Network website and email your preferred panellist direct to set up a mutually convenient time to talk.

Where our mentors are located

  • • Amsterdam
  • • Bangkok
  • • Belfast
  • • Brussels
  • • Dubai
  • • Dusseldorf
  • • Frankfurt
  • • Hamburg
  • • Hong Kong
  • • Johannesburg
  • • London
  • • Luxembourg
  • • Madrid
  • • New York
  • • Paris
  • • Shanghai
  • • Sydney

To get involved as a mentor, mentee or panellist, visit the Alumni Network website mentoring pages for full details, or contact the Alumni team for guidance.

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